Friday, August 15, 2014

Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Heading For A Divorce?

Wiz Khalifa ready to leave wife, Amber Rose after a son?

Their wedding has never been on shallow waters but could the rapper's recent run-ins with the law be the real reason they are now thinking of separation? Find out more...

Wiz Khalifa and wife Amber Rose could be the next Hollywood hip hop couple to be in search of a divorce lawyer - and a very good one at that!
Latest reports are claiming the rapper has been posting insinuating messages on twitter lately which could be saying he's ready to get out of his marriage soon.
According to Media Take out, a source says the "We Dem Boys" hit maker has gotten so accustomed to sleeping with groupies while on his current tour that many of his friends wonder if he's single or still married. "Don't get me wrong, Wiz loves her and she's a cool girl," the source says, "But he needs to be single right now."
Well, in a second many thought his constant run-ins with the law for weed consumption could be the real reason why Wiz and Amber would ever separate but sources say, she's been threatening the rapper that if he ever thinks of leaving her, she will get the most vicious lawyer in the world and she'll hit him with the maximum child support she possibly can.