Friday, August 15, 2014

KCee Drinks Garri For Breakfast

Kcee shares breakfast menu with fans

The Limpopo crooner wasn't ashamed of his local meal but shared it with his thousands of fans in delight!

Looks like not every Nigerian celebrity takes the usual bread, omelet, tea, coffee or noodles for breakfast.
Popular music star KCee takes garri (dried grounded cassava + palm oil) mixed with fried groundnut and milk for breakfast and he's so proud of it.
The "Limpopo" singer took to Instagram to post an image of him rocking a blue Adiddas sportswear ready to devour his local morning meal.  He wrote:
"I remember when I was in Ajegunle no garri no sugar talkless of milk or groundnuts but thank GOD for today....#beliveinyourself cos #OGADINMA and if you believe say #OGADINMA"
Even though the singer never stated if he takes garri every morning as breakfast, Kcee seemed grateful to God for all the blessings he's received over time. At least the award winner now lives in a mansion in Lagos, rides the best cars and wears the most expensive jewelleries and finest clothes.
So, we join him to say "#OGADINMA"!