Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guys turn into Celebs using “Makeup”

lupita transformation

It all started to make fun of YouTube makeup tutorials where the makeup artists (mostly female) end up barely recognizable after a lot of highlighting, contouring, fake lashes and the works!

Today people have taken it to another level, playing on Nigerian celebs and celeb lookalikes.

We couldn’t help but LOL at most of these, we just want to leave you with a laugh for the evening!

@boffy_comic_worls - basket mouth
Nedu as Obasanjo
mr ibu - @boffy_comic_world
idris elba transformation tuesday
nelly transformation tuesday
50 cent
tayos creation and taye diggs
bow wow lil mama
solange knowles transformation tuesday
Church of Laugh
nicki minaj
precious mother - monique transformation
@dj_yb osama bin laden
Earl Sweatshirt