Tuesday, May 20, 2014

50 Cent Allegedly Responds -- I Wasn't INVITED To Marquise's Graduation!

50 Cent is allegedly repsonding to his son's cry of sadness over the rapper missing his high school graduation.  Check out what he's supposedly tellng friends inside...

While it was supposed to be a joyous occasion of graduating from his private school in Atlanta this past weekend,Marquise Jackson took to social media to show his emotional breakdown over his alleged absentee father.
About a year after their huge fallout via text message, also involving mother Shaniqua, Marquise was expecting his father, 50 Cent, to come to his graduation.  But Fif wasn't there.  He hit up a charity event in NYC instead.
So Marquise posted this:

Now, 50 is responding and telling his friends, allegedly, he simply wasn't invited.  He said he wasn't told when and where the graduation was taking place.  And he didn't purposely blow off the big day.
Please keep in mind, he's the one who pays Marquise's tuition!
Curtis Jackson even went as far as allegedly saying that it was Shaniqua who intentionally blocked him from attending.
Well, Fif, since you love texting your son so much, why didn't you just ask him the details?  You knew he was graduating at SOME point this spring.
This guy...