Monday, June 15, 2015

Reggie Bush and his pregnant wife go for lunch

 photo ReggieBushPregnantLilitAvagyanLunchBeverly_LMx-5a6GLbl_zpso0cgzfj5.jpg

NFL star Reggie Bush and his pregnant wife Lilit Avagyan were spotted bumping their way into lunch together in Beverly Hills yesterday. Check out the twosome inside...

After signing a 1-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers this past March, 10-year NFL vet Reggie Bush has big news in his personal life too. While he and his wife have yet to explicitly SAY they're expecting their second child together.

 photo ReggieBushPregnantLilitAvagyanLunchBeverlyZARQsVYUjBEl_zps5tj6t44i.jpg

 photo ReggieBushPregnantLilitAvagyanLunchBeverlyNUxs46EYyM9l_zpstcykzttz.jpg

 photo ReggieBushPregnantLilitAvagyanLunchBeverlyCJ_NKoJ2pfNl_zpsr4kywujn.jpg

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