Friday, October 31, 2014

Wicked woman cooks condom soup for Husband

A Ugandan woman cooked three packets of condoms (not pictured) and served them to her drunk husband as sauce because they had been fighting

 A Ugandan woman has sparked controversy after she cooked three packets of condoms and served them to her husband as sauce.

The housewife and mother-of-three served the “meal” to her husband, identified as Okello Ocekilec, with charcoal after he returned home drunk.

The couple, resident in Arao ‘A’ at Ogwang Acuma parish, Aboke Sub-county in Kole, had been involved in repeated domestic fights after which the wife put the condoms in a saucepan and fried them with oil and other ingredients and presented it to her husband in revenge, the Daily Monitor reports.

Luckily for Mr. Okello however, he only had a taste before he discovered that the sauce was “unusual”.

A member of the husband’s Okarowok tribe, Mr Okello Caka responded to the incident saying:

“The issue of serving our brother condoms as sauce has raised a lot of questions, as to why the woman could do such an abominable thing. Condoms are used for other purposes including having safe sex and not as food.”

He however reportedly added that leaders of the clan would meet with the couple to encourage them to settle their differences.

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