Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Omarion Addresses all rumours

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Omarion has spoken out about those rumors that he and Apryl broke up....because baby Megaa isn't his. Find out what he had to say inside....

Oh, those silly rumors. While rumors hit the net this week that Omarion and fiance Apryl Jones, stars of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood", split...the rumor grew into something even bigger. Online reports said that Omaron's mother questioned the paternity of the baby....because she believes the baby looks nothing like O. One she accused Apryl of cheating with her ex, who is of Mexican descent, rumor had it that Omarion asked for a DNA test....and Apryl refused.

Sounds like a good episode of Maury. And according to O, that's all that it...a fictional Maury episode.

He posted the below today in response to shoot down the rumors:

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I told Megaa...>Son, they think someone else is your dad. He said {LOL} Maury said YOU ARE THE FATHER. #hegaveYOUtheFinger #Ididntshowhimthat #stopwiththefakepress #Ilovehismomma #Megaa #yallLovetostartshit #Myfamilyisunbreakable #weswaggntoo #middlefingertoALLthatsupportlies #lovetothosewhodont #imdone

Ha! That finger.

Well, there you have it folks.

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