Monday, October 20, 2014

Mariah Carey suffers Disgrace in China

Mariah Carey shows off legs,breasts in a disappointimg outfit on China Tour

 It's been more torments on Mariah Carey's current China tour as the diva continues to be the object of ridicule on every tabloid there is in the world.

The superstar looks like she needs rehab more than she needs the music tour or even a new man in her life.

It was reported that the “We Belong Together” hit-maker could barely hit the high notes she's known to do on the first day of her tour. She was totally not with the band and was unable to convince her fans in Asia with the lyrics she poured out.
Mariah Carey in concert, China

How can she be going through a devastating divorce from Nick Cannon yet sings love songs to a bunch of young people who really want to believe in love?

Last week, Carey suffered a severe wardrobe malfunction living nothing to the imagination by showing off her pant and huge breasts on stage in a very tight stage custume.

At the Hongkou Soccer Stadium in Shanghai, China on Sunday night the singer once again appeared in a number of barely-there outfits.

At the age of 44 and with two young children, the singer proved she's not yet ready to cover-up her ass and boobs as she poured her curves into the most minuscule of ensembles.

One in particular - a black latex-like one-shoulder number that was slit up to the hip on one side, exposing her entire leg - looked like a wardrobe malfunction about to happen.

In an effort to dazzle her fans, after a series of bad reviews on her previous performances, Mariah shared a video of her warming up her well-known high vocals as she tours the world with her The Elusive Chanteuse Show.

But is she really hitting those high notes wearing those rags called stage costumes?

It's obvious Mariah is in bad need of rest, relaxation and soul-searching. After been hit with divorce papers from Nick, plus rumours of her man already sleeping with newly single Amber Rose, we want to recommend that Mariah exits that world music tour at this point and head straight to a facility where she could get her sanity back! After all she's worth hundreds of millions of US $$!

Poor Mariah... who said divorce is as easy as she may have thought?

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