Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mariah Carey Begging For Love Again?

What is going on with Mariah Carey in China?

Is China having the worse of Mariah Carey? Is the singer already loosing it barely a week into her divorce from actor Nick Cannon? Well, given her recent photos on stage in Asia, it may look like it's happening already!

At a recent show in China, the diva smelled total desperation...or depression... or twazziness and there are absolutely nothing sadder than these three state of mind.
Nick Cannon willl be like...

Mariah's completely allowed her young Chinese fans to have a full view of what lies between her thighs -- atleast some of it -- when she stepped on stage with an unfortunately abbreviated excuse of a skirt! (We're still trying to undertsnad what she was outting on!)

It sort of seemed like the mother of two was trying to pull the "single and ready to mingle" stunt routine that most teenagers try to pull after they've endured a big, important and emotional breakup, but this was just wrong!

I mean... Mariah you're better than this! Perhaps take a break from that tour of yours and deal with this divorce which is eating you up slowly and evidently!

Or is there something else wrong with this multiple Grammy winner...Diva?

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