Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DRAKE throws away stacks and bundles of raw cash (WATCH VIDEO)

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Drake is mad ooo. He ended out his birthday party at Stadium stripclub in D.C. angrily storming the club's doors. And supposedly it was because a member of his entourage caught a punch to the face. Check the video inside....

The facts: Drake was celebrating his birthday at Stadium nightclub last night. He left at some point. He returned after that...with stacks of cash. And he looked mad. Real mad.

We're hearing that someone in his entourage--possibly his DJ--was punched inside the club. We're not sure what Drake thought he was about to do about it....but dude thought he was going to give somebody a piece of his mind or something.

On the way back inside the club, he pushed past security and dropped the stacks of cash he was carrying for the strippers. Thankfully, somebody remembered what was important and picked up the racks.

What would you have done? did you spot the lady wearing black that quickly picked up some cash? ole!

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