Monday, September 1, 2014

Ebola Scare In Lagos As Passenger Dies Inside Luxurious Bus


The Oyingbo park in the Jibowu area of Lagos was the scene of pandemonium yesterday, August 31, 2014 as a passenger on board a luxurious bus reportedly slumped and died.

A witness told us that the incident occurred at about 7pm as other passengers were boarding the bus which was heading to Kaduna and Kano.

People in the area were immediately struck with fear and they began to assume the worst due to the Ebola disease which has inflicted some in the country.
According to the witness, some men eventually summoned courage and brought the corpse out of the bus while wearing nylon bags on their hands.

Police officers attached to the area were also called in and statements were given about the unfortunate incident.
The victim has not been identified as at press time and no official confirmation has been issued regarding the event.