Thursday, August 14, 2014


hello? Has anyone ever heard of gentle magic soap, lotion and cream? hehehehe!

Look at the hype! the truth is that in this part of the world, its abit hard to get all the great skin care products, even if you do, you stand the risk of getting fake and imitation products. Anyway, I read about gentle magic and jumped on the bandwagon. Got it here in Africa baybay! you know the good thing about me, when I want anything, no matter how difficult it may seem to get, there's always a way to get it shipped it down to me.(ok sorry didn't mean to sound weird)..Read on.

Great, so I tried the products and nope, its not just for me. it damaged my skin in a bad way, and that's all I would say about the product. I have heard of some people it worked beautifully for, but my skin is super sensitive and doesn't like too much chemicals. I still have about 3 boxes of soap, cream and lotion for sale if you really want to try it.