Tuesday, June 3, 2014

FRENCH KISSIN' In The Czech Republic: Kanye And Kim Play Tongue Hockey & Dress Alike At A Friend's Wedding

 photo article-2644899-1E5D8F5000000578-10_634x509.jpg

Kanye & Kim were spotted playing "I Declare War" witht heir tongues instead of their thumbs yesterday at Ye's stylist's wedding.  See their candids inside...

 photo article-2644899-1E5D8F8900000578-116_634x630.jpg

 photo article-2644899-1E5D894A00000578-474_634x528.jpg

 photo article-2644899-1E5D8C6B00000578-367_634x424.jpg

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Kanye's next stop is Austin, Texas where he'll be headlining at the 2014 Summer X Games on June 7th.