Friday, May 2, 2014

Scruffy-Looking Chris Brown DENIED BAIL And Sent BACK TO JAIL

 photo ChrisBrownCourtHearingLosAngelesCAn4TZtFs29Xjl.jpg
Looking sad and depressed, Chris Brown was denied bail and sent back to jail yesterday while he awaits a new hearing regarding his recent parole violation. More inside....

 photo ChrisBrownCourtHearingLosAngelesCAT5q85DwXHQjl.jpg
Chris Brown appeared in an LA courtroom yesterday where a judge decided to keep him in jail until a deal is struck over his parole violation.  You'll recall that a judge tossed Chris in jail after he managed to get booted from rehab (The courts considered the "rehab dismissal" a violation of his parole stemming from the Rihanna beating).  
But the LA case isn't the only legal issue on Chris' plate.  Don't forget that he's still facing trial in Dc over an alleged assault outside the W Hotel  involving his bodyguard (whom the courts found guilty!) .  SMH.....things are not looking bright for young Breezy.
Chris has already spent seven weeks behind bars and is expected back in court on May 9th where he'll learn his fate regarding the parole violation...he's facing four years!