Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PUT A RING ON IT: Mr. Papers REVEALS He Wants To Marry Lil Kim,

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Mr. Papers likes it…and is ready to put a ring on it. Find out what he had to say about marrying his pregnant girlfriendLil Kim and rumors that the raptress was “dealing” with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather when you go inside…

Lil Kim shocked us all when she showed up at the The Blondes Show at MILK Studios during Fashion Week back in February rocking a baby bump. There was no question whether or not chick was pregnant.
But the million dollar question was…who knocked up the Queen Bee? We heard she and her on-again/off-again boyfriend Mr. Papers had broken up so we weren’t sure who the father was. Soon after Kim revealed her bump, Mr. Papers stepped up and said he was the father of the Brooklyn raptress’ unborn child.
The up-and-coming Bronx rapper has been very supportive of Kim as she maneuvers through pregnancy. He was right by her side at her royal baby shower in NYC for their baby girl a few weeks ago. And now the soon-to-be-dad wants to make it official and marry the rap queen.
In an interview with The Home of Hip Hop, Papers dished on wanting to tie the knot with Kim, how the raptress is handling being pregnant, their baby's name, how they met and more.