Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Game Spends quality time With His Children

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 photo gk1.jpg
Rapper The Game and comedian Nick Cannon spent their weekends getting in some quality family time with their little ones. Check their cute family photos when you go inside…

It was a weekend full of family fun…with the dads!
After his alleged physical altercation with his now ex-fiancĂ©e Tiffney Cambridge, The Game finally got to spend some quality time with all of his kids…together. Game made claims that Tiffney was keeping his kids away from him but it seems she may have recently had a change of heart.

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Game’s son King Justice (whom he shares with Tiffney) turned 7-year-old recently and to celebrate, he gathered up his clan and took them to Disney Land for a weekend full of fun.

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Little Miss Cali is so adorably cute!
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Game bought along his assistant LoLo for the fun-filled family day.